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Banking Transformation

For the past 25 years we’ve been modernizing banks, through consulting and bespoke solutions & applications. Whether it’s Digital Transformation of existing core Banking Systems, or enabling Banking as a Platform (BaaP) via APIs, we are at the forefront of Banking innovation!

Payments Management

We empower corporates to streamline their Treasury & Accounting operations for Payments and Receivables. Our TMS solution handles the automation, compliance & optimization of their “Cash Cycle”, so they can focus on what they know best - their business.

BPM Optimization

Optimization is difficult but exciting! We deliver mission critical Business Process Management (BPM) solutions to digitize & automate complex operations and Workflows. Efficiency & Optimization is the oxygen for today’s successful companies.

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"Thank you in developing stable products and helping us in achieving our goals successfully."
Kumar Jasti , Citigroup
"Your Swift library has reduced our three weeks development task to a one or two days effort."
Sampad Bhoi, Cognizant

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Banking – Platfom Banking via APIs

We empower modern Platform Banking services, through the use of a well defined & fully controllable API Framework that includes:

  1. PSD2 compliant APIs to enable 3rd parties to gain controlled access to core banking services (e.g. payments, balances, authorization)
  2. Administrator Console facilitating full & granular access control management to the APIs (including access limits, monetization etc.)
  3. Developers Portal, including complete documentation & code examples as well as a Sandbox testing environment

The Platform Banking solution empowers forward thinking Banks to create innovative services & leverage the opportunities of PSD2 and the FinTech revolution!

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Banking – Payments Hub

The adoption of SEPA and SWIFT MX (ISO 20022 based) standards means this is a global issue affecting all banks.

aplonHUB is an application developed by Datamation that enables banks to enhance their existing payments systems with the required functionality to fully support SEPA Credit Transfers.

It is platform independent with light footprint and can be integrated in a matter of days with a bank's existing payments system to provide the additional functionality required.

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Insurance - Treasury Management System (TMS)

A key issue facing all corporates is the ever increasing number of payments needed to be made each month.

Control of liquidity is the leading concern for treasury departments, requiring instant access to the details of all outgoing payments being made by each department.

With aplonCASH for Payments, Datamation provides a highly efficient and cost effective solution for corporate payments initiation compliant with the globally recognized SEPA, SWIFT MT or MX standards.

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Card Processor - Business Process Management (BPM)

We have developed and deployed a complete solution for the management of the entire Value Chain of a Card Processor.

Our Solution provides the Operational Backbone connecting the Card processor with all relevant stakeholders including the Acquirer Banks, Merchants, Card Holders as well as a Distributors / Resellers network for the POS equipment.

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Our FinTech SpinOff

PaymentComponents Ltd is a catalyst, empowering FinTech Innovation in Financial Institutions, Corporates and FinTechs.

PaymentComponents is a unique amalgam, bonding deep Financial Services understanding, expertise in developing mission critical Financial systems and the latest trends in FinTech innovation.

Our field proven, award winning, aplonAPI™ API Framework, provides a complete, PSD2 compliant, solution for Banks & Financial Institutions, to actively participate in the FinTech (R)evolution. It empowers Open Banking & FinServ 2.0 initiatives & fosters true collaboration with the rapidly growing FinTech community.

Through treasury management systems, automated payments & reconciliation solutions, we provide a hassle-free path to FinTech benefits, for Corporates.

Via software components, support and know-how, we enable Rapid & Agile development of SWIFT & SEPA compliant FinTech applications worldwide.

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Innovation in our DNA

Our workspace

Being a Technology Company Since 1988, Datamation has managed to successfully bring together Experience & Innovation. This has allowed us to continuously re-invent ourselves.

  • Agile Project Management & Implementation
  • Serial Entrepreneurs (Taxiplon, PaymentComponents)
  • Proven Think & Implementation Tank
  • FinTech Experts

We’ve been building Simple & Creative “Excite Thy Customer" solutions for several industries, for so many years, that we eventually became really good at it!

Being innovative for a quarter of a century is not easy, but it's fun!

In Datamation we say: If It’s Not Simple It’s Wrong!